Urban Gujarati Movies have taken Gujarati Cinema to another level with meaningful stories and soft family drama. If you are wondering which would be the best movies here are the options for your wonderful weekend. Most of the movies are available on the Internet on various streaming platforms like Youtube, NetFlix, Shemaroo Gujarati, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Eros Now Gujarati. Some of the movies are also available in the DVD version, We as a creature highly not recommend to watch a pirated version of the movie.


1.Bey Yaar(2014)


Director: Abhishek Jain

Type: Comedy, Family

Bey Yaar is one of the best and most entertaining movies with a mixture of excellent dialogue delivery, performance, and brilliant story. It is a story of two best friends who are willing to get rich in any possible way, and meanwhile, they lose their money to fraud people.


2.Gujjubhai The great(2015)


Director: Ishan Randeria

Type: Comedy, Family

The best ever comedy film in Gujarati Cinemas, with the star actor Siddharth Randeria.It has taken comedy to a unique level. Its meaningful story with innocent and soft comedy, make it worth watching.


3.Chal Jivi Laiye(2019)


Director: Vipul Mehta

Type: Comedy, Drama

A film which tells us to enjoy every single moment of our life…The movie with such emotional scenes of father and son which can make you cry but also has comedy scenes which make you laugh. The awesome story and brilliant performances of Siddharth Randeria, Yash Soni and Arohi Patel make the movie great.


4.Kevi Rite Jais(2012)


Director: Abhishek Jain

Type: Comedy, Family

It is the story of a boy who wants to set up his business abroad. The story revolves around the family’s attempt for the visa. This is a breakthrough to the Gujarati Cinema’s image. It is an entertaining film which can be planned for weekends.


5.Chhello Divas(2015)



Director: Krishnadev Yagnik

Type: Comedy, Family

This film’s story revolves around the college life of normal students. The is a series of experiences of young college friends. A mixture of experiences of relationships, love, and romance make a great and comedy Gujju film. Mayur Chauhan has given markable dialogue delivery entertains us a lot.




Directors: Rahul Bhole, Vinit Kanojia

Type: Drama

A 25-year-old Indian man brought up in the US comes to India for his will, where he encounters a bitter truth and starts the parikrama of the Narmada river. The beautiful scenery and its soothing music give a wonderful experience. A must watch film for literature lovers.


7.Sharato Lagu(2018)


Director: Neeraj Joshi

Type: Romance, Comedy

Savitri and Satyavrat 2 totally different personalities, under the constant pressure of their parents to get married, decide to live together for 2 months before marriage to know each other and take the final decision. The good onscreen chemistry and the new concept can easily impress the audience.




Director: Jayant Gilatar

Type: Drama, Family

Famous Gujarati actor Siddharth Randeria has played the role of an actor shedding his very popular image of Gujjubhai. Natsamrat is a story of a popular actor, who realizes that his popularity and importance goes off once he stops performing on stages. Amazing performance and brilliant dialogue delivery of Siddharth Randeria and Manoj Joshi give an amazing feel to the audience.


9.The Good Road(2013)


Director: Gyan Correa

Type: Drama

National Award Winning film The Good Road starts with a story of a 7-year-old boy who gets separated from his family. Its a highway journey with different people and a similar story. Its slow narrative has its own uniqueness.


10.Bau Na Vichaar(2019)


Director: Hrutul Patel

Type: Drama


A young mind with an interesting start-up idea participates in a reality show of entrepreneurs. The desire to win and prove himself to everyone and philosophy serves a masala entertaining film to the audience. The music of the film is really awesome and soothing.

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