Sometimes some movies or some dialogues leave a huge impact on our daily life and change our point of view. Movies are not made for our entertainment only, some times they give an important message. Also, they represent flaws and the untold story of some real-world heroes. These are some meaningful and inspiring Gujarati movies:


Chal Jeevi Laie


We get too busy in our daily life that we forget the joy of our life. This movie tells us to live every moment. There is a dialogue in the movie that says, Now we only have to find ourselves(inner joy), everything else is available online. Which means the internet can get you all the information but you,  yourself can figure out the purpose of your life. After watching this movie you will question yourself whether everything is going right or not, for sure!


Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye


Sometimes we just lose our temper and make decisions which shouldn’t be taken. This movie points out that when your decision can affect many lives, it must be taken practically and with foresight. Loyalty is the other best thing in the world, which is necessary for your self-respect. Two sons of this family argues to their elders so that everyone can live peacefully. This is not an adventurous movie but it can give you goosebumps for sure.


BackBencher / Saheb


Nowadays, our education system has increased the burden on students. Sports and holidays are as important as the study. The movie revolves around the child who is weak in the study and everyone just pings him. This movie explains that it is not necessary that every child is good in studies. Some are made for anything else, which is also a good thing. Sometimes we just threaten our kids that study well else your future will be destroyed. This lowers their self-confidence. This movie tells us to appreciate every kid because all are not the same.

While sometimes students give their best but management and corrupt people stops you from getting what you deserve. But the best way to stop is to raise your voice. It may save the lives of many students.


Kevi Rite Jaish


Most of us have dreamed of going abroad and settling ourselves there only. But it is not that easy. We need to struggle for a better life. This movie tells the same thing. The experience of a Green card holder who opens everyone’s eyes by telling his story. We must not forget that our country has almost all the facilities. It is up to us, which life we choose.



Everyone appreciates you till you work perfectly, once you retire no one cares. The sad truth of everyone’s life. This movie shows struggles of retired actor perfectly. A famous person is famous only till he is live else people take no time to forget him, and sometimes family members too can’t give him what he deserved. It is our responsibility to take care of our parents and give them respect.


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