Yours Emotionally (2007)

Social, Transgender | 86 minutes
Yours Emotionally

Movie Info

  • Actors: Pratik Gandhi
  • Release Date: 13 Mar, 2007
  • Genre Social, Fantasy, Transgender
  • Country United Kingdom, India
  • Language English

Movie Story

The movie has a very strong and impactful concept. Compared to India, other countries freely affect and react about Gay community. India being a stereotyped country, talking about such erotic and sensuous topic is not so good to be in the society.


Ravi is an England-based Indian. He went to India to attend a Gay Party at a village. He dragged his friend named Paul. Both of them went there. At the party, they observed the changes in Indian culture and felt about the drastic openness of the hosts and the present people. While partying, Ravi got close to a good-looking man named Mani. They both went for a hangout, but consequences of their hedonistic night catch up with them. With the burst of consequences, He tried to found Mani. Somehow, he got to know that his own friend Paul hooked-up with Mani. This was the most disgusting point for him. Ravi meets Mani once again to see if their fates may indeed be intertwined.

With whom Mani will go with?

What will be the effects to the situation on the friendship of Ravi and Paul?

What will Paul do now?


Facts about a film-

  • Yours emotionally is a United Kingdom-Indian co-produced film with a gay theme.
  • The film was selected for participation in LGBT film festivals in San Francisco (Frameline, formerly the San Francisco International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival), New York (NewFest), Amsterdam and others.

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