Wrong Side Raju (2016)

Drama, Thriller | 140 min

Movie Story

The story revolves around Raju. Raju is a driver by day and a bootlegger by night. He has an aim to have his own travel agency. For partnering, there is his mentor Patil. Raju works for Lawyer and industrialist named Amitabh Shah. He works for his son Tanmay Shah. Tanmay has a friend named Shaily. Raju’s sister teaches Shaily. While working with Tanmay, he found about his not so good relationship with his father and also his business partner Mr. Mark. On the festival of Navratri, Raju decides to take daily for it and also make a visit to the city for days to see. Shaily and Raju grow a soft corner for each other. Tanmay also offers loan for the travel agency of Raju.

Tanmay got to know about Raju and Shaily, and he threatens Shaily about Raju that he will make his life hell. Both Tanmay and shakily went into their car. Raju decides to follow them. When he reached the checkpoint in the outskirts of the city, He found about the car accident of Tanmay and Shaily.


  • What will happen further?
  • Who is dead amongst Tanmay and Shaily?
  • Who is the real culprit for the car accident?
  • What will Tanmay’s father react to when he will know about the presence of Raju at the accident location?
  • How the police will make further inquiries?
  • This movie is a roller-coaster ride. The completely entertaining movie as per the review


  1. 64th National Film Awards-The film won National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Gujarati at the 64th National Film Awards, with a citation saying, “For highlighting the ethos of moral dilemma.”
  1. 16th Annual Transmedia Gujarati Screen & Stage awards




Best director Mikhil Musale


Best actor Pratik Gandhi
Best editor Cheragh Todiwala


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Drama, Thriller

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