Vickida No Varghodo (2020)

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Vickida No Varghodo is a fun-filled out and out Gujarati comedy starring Malhar Thakar directed by Rahul Bhole and Vinit Kanojia whose latest Gujarati film Reva recently won a national award. This movie is the debut movie of one of the lead actresses named Manasi Rachh.

The film is produced by Sharad Patel who was one of the producers of The Tashkent Files. Filming of Vickida No Varghodo has commenced on 15th October and is set to release in Summer 2020.

Various sources have stated that the shooting of this movie has completed but due to the pandemic COVID-19, there is no further detail of the actual release date of the Movie.

We have the news that the shooting of this movie is completed. Now, we can just wait for the current situation to get better and wait for the official announcement of the release date!


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