Short Circuit (2018)

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“SHORT CIRCUIT” is the first ever Gujarati Sci-Fi movie. Male and Female protagonists are Dhvanit Thaker and Kinjal Rajpriya. The movie goes around scientific gestures. A simple computer maintenance boy is living a simple life. He gets trapped by a scientist about whom he isn’t aware of.

Dhvanit plays the role of Samay. And our female protagonist plays the role of a working lady named Seema. Samay works for a multinational company that works on Science and Technology. The trailer completely justifies the idea and the basis of the movie. Samay has the power to realize or visualize what is going to happen next to the people around them. He saw about Seema that she is going to be murdered.

Samay got to know about this and he takes the help of the person whose role is played by Smit Pandya. He also informs his Sir that there’s a time bomb attached in the work area. At the end of the trailer, you can see the most amazing Norway light waves, but the question is that it generates only the place where there is a high magnetic field. And India can’t face that. And the Suspense continues.

  • How this massive strategy affects his life?
  • Does he even know about it?
  • What is then about Kinjal Rajpriya?
  • How do they deal with it?
  • Are the successful to get out of all these?

All of the above questions and many more will be resolved when you will go and watch the first ever sci-fi Gujarati movie.

According to the director, this film has used an extensive amount of VFX. People and audiences have appreciated this new concept of time-travelling and admired all of the cast a lot. The box office collection of this movie is 2.5 crores in INR.

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Short Circuit 2019 | Official Trailer | RJ Dhvanit | Kinjal Rajpriya | Smit Pandya | Faisal Hashmi

Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

Short Circuit Teaser | The First Ever Gujarati Sci-Fi Movie

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