Sharato Lagu (2018)

Comedy, Drama, Romance | 137 min

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The story is revolving around Satyavrat and Savitri. These two are our leads with a completely different personality and perspective towards life. Satyavrat often called Satya is an embellishing entrepreneur whereas Savi is a veterinary doctor.

She is an animal lover and a complete vegetarian. Whereas Satya is a person who has calculative solutions and love towards water saving. These two first met at their common friend’s marriage.

When the met with the family for their marriage discussion, the twist in the story came as Savi wants to have a live-in with Satya for about 2 months. This decision was difficult to tackle for their rigid family, but somehow they manage to convince them. Till now Savi didn’t know about Satya’s love for Non-vegetarian food.

After revealing, this truth will they come up together for the life-transforming decision?

  • How they will manage their parents for the sake?
  • Even if they came up together, will they marry each other?
  • This love story seems to be having a conditional plot. Their crazy romantic story forms the crux.

Well to know all the complete story, you just need to watch this movie near to your theatre!

Sharato Lagu Movie is a remake version of Indian Marathi movie Chi Va Chi Sau Ka which means Mister and Missus, in 2017.

This movie has received the great and positive response from the fans and the critics. This movie has successfully completed more than a month in the theatre. The box office collection of this movie was approx 17.5 crore in INR.

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Comedy, Drama, Romance

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