Sampoorna Mahabharat (1983)

Action, Adventure, Drama, History, War | 155 min

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While meditating, Sage Durvasa is deceived by Rajkumari Gandhari for a boon of 100 sons, which was meant for Rajkumari Kunti. When he comes to know, he does bless Kunti with sons who will make her proud, but places a curse on Gandhari. Years later, this curse will come to light when Gandhari’s sons, including Duryodhan and Dusshasan, instigated by her brother, Shakuni, attempt to kill the five sons of widowed Kunti in the Lakshagriha Mahal. Things get worse when Draupadi, who was married to Arjun, but ends up as a wife to his brothers as well due to prayers from a previous life, mocks Duryodhan when he and others tour Maya Mahal. After Arjun marries Bhagwan Shri Kishan’s niece, Subhadra, Duryodhan avenges this humiliation by arranging to molest Draupadi publicly after winning a game of dice; and even has her and her husbands exiled for 13 years. Upon their return, he refuses to return their kingdom – leading to the epic battle of Kurkshetra – and the important roles played by Shrikand…

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