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The male and female protagonists are Malhar Thakar and Kinjal Rajpriya. Their screen names are Malhar and Mehek. Archan Trivedi is a big personality of the Government sector.

Malhar is a middle-class boy and studies hard to fulfill his dreams. He fells in love with a rich beautiful girl named Mehek. Malhar has a sister named Purvi. He asks Purvi to get all details of his desired woman i.e. Mehek. Purvi demands gifts for fulfilling his demands. With the things going on a correct pace, suddenly Purvi commits suicide because of her educational issues.

The movie hits on the partial assets of government workers with the educational system. He starts a fight against the unfair system. With the support of common people, his movement goes strong and strong.

  • Will, he is able to get justice?
  • Will he be able to change the effects of the unfair education system?
  • Will he be able to get people together and raise voice against the corrupt system?
  • All these answers can be got after watching the movie only.

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