Pardesh Ek Sapanu (2012)

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Pardesh Ek Sapanu is the first Gujarati Film shot in Sydney, Australia. Vijay and Gauri are neighbours in India and are deeply in love. Gauri is forced to marry Sam who belongs to a rich Indian family settled in Sydney who abuses drugs, alcohol and is a womanizer. Gauri moves to Sydney, Australia while Vijay is heartbroken. Gauri is unable to return to her parents in India after Sam’s untimely death. Vijay comes to rescue her only to find out that the Sydney address he had is no more occupied by Gauri and her in-laws. The house is bought by a businessman Mac, played by Nikhil Joshi. Mac becomes Vijay’s saviour and promises to help him find Guari in Sydney. Will Vijay find his lost love, will they return to India….watch the film.

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