Paaghadi (The Turban) (2018)

Drama | 1 hr 53 Min

Movie Story

The Story is all about a boy who is settled in America and visits his hometown after a long time. He has a very good family. When he came, he said everyone about his two goals to come to India.

One was to witness the meteor shower with his naked eye that’s going to happen in some days and the other to meet his grandfather. He listens to a village name from his grandfather every now and then. He asks his parents about it. Willingly or unwillingly they had to tell Aditya about that village. The village is named Amrapur. He went there in search of a turban that belonged to his grandfather, years long ago. After long search and hustling here and there, they finally reached Amrapur.

  • What is the motto behind going Amrapur? The answer is itself in the name of the movie that the grandpa wants the Turban he reined to one person in the village. The Turban is the symbol of pride and honor for a person in India and reining it to someone depicts the sign of loosing off him.
  • Who is the person the grandpa reined his turban?
  • Will Aditya be able to get that pride back home?
  • What hindrances does he face while doing so?

It is a must watch a movie that has a family bond is shown very well and the amount of care and affection of people in each generation for the other one.

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