Neelkanth (2012)

History | 127 min

Movie Story

Neelkanth is a feature religious Gujarati film based on childhood story of Lord Swaminarayan. The film has true inspiring story of 11 years old teenage yogi, “Neelkanth”, who renounced his home and took an extraordinary spiritual – incredible pilgrimage on the foot across the length and breath of India. This is story of struggle, determination, kindness, courage, compassion, austerity, adventure, faith, fearlessness and survival of child. The film shows true life story of Lord Swaminarayan from his birth, Ghanashyama’s gracious-amiable Leela. After death of his parents, on June 29, 1792, Neelkanth begins his journey of awakening. Having resolved to embrace the challenges of nature, he leaves his home in the city of Ayodhya ath the age of 11. Neelkanth walks alone into the cold stormy night, wearing nothing over his shoulders or under his feet. Neelkanth took very few possessions with him on his journey. Known articles include a loin cloth, “a rosary, a kerchief, a piece of cloth for …

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