Mission Mummy (2016)

Family | 114 min

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The movie is all about today’s kids and the relationship between their parents. The movie talks about Gujarati culture being influenced by Western Culture. Mother’s role played by Aarti Patel is majestic. She is a well-groomed artist who devoted her carrier and personal life for the upbringing of their children. The kids want their mother to be modern. Here modern in the sense of dressing, talking, and updated with gadgets and so on. They don’t know the value of how their mother has given up till now for their better future. The grandfather of the children resides in a village.

The father’s role is played by Raj Vazir. He has immensely justified his character. He seems to be a strict father with a soft heart. He helps Aparna at each argument with their kids. Kids want her to upgrade from Thepla to Pizza, Landline to a smartphone, Saree to Jeans and many more.

  • Will the parents be able to understand their culture?
  • Will the kids start respecting their culture?
  • How the grandfather helps the Husband-wife in this critical situation?
  • Will Aparna get the respect she worths of?

The story is full of emotion and family drama that happens in one or the other family nowadays.

It’s a must watch the film.

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