Mijaaj (2018)

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The movie revolves around Indian values and the attachment an Indian has for their closed ones or things. Jay, Jhanvi and Yogesh are living in the India lounge for their stay. India lounge is owned by Savitri Ben, who is an independent widow.

India lounge is filled and nurtured with emotions of Savitri Ben. The lounge has not that kind of facilities that hotels include but as it’s affordable people stay here. India lounge was a historic constructed building and one foreign associate had an intention to buy it.

He consulted an Indian broker who has a repo as a gangster in the city. He decided to snatch lounge out form Savitri Ben and band it to that associate. Here Jay, Jhanvi, and Yogesh come up together to save India lounge.

  • How will they save India lounge?
  • Will Savitri Ben be able to keep her affectionate lounge with her?
  • Will the foreign associate be able to snatch it out from them?

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Action, Drama

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