Maher Karo Maa Meladi (2006)

Drama | 150 min

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The story revolves around a village Headman who has evil site on one of his workers named Rupa. Rupa is a happily married young woman and is a staunch devotee of deity Maa Meladi. When she learns about the vile intentions of her employee, the village Headman, she warns him to leave her alone else he would face the fury of her deity. However, the Headman, not taking Rupa’s warning seriously, proceeds to harass Rupa by abducting her husband and deploys all sorts of malicious plans to win her. On witnessing all this Rupa prays for help to Maa Meladi and her deity punishes the Headman for each of his bad deeds and frees Rupa’s husband. It’s a modern day Ramayan to send a message to all the modern day “Ravan”.

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