Love Ni Bhavai (2017)

Romance | 146 min

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Movie Story

The movie starts with a happy smiling girl Antara who is a radio jockey. She has her own life rules to live about. She is happy with her work, coffee, books and so on. While interacting with one of her listeners, she gave a relationship advice to one of her listeners. This idea resulted in a rocking shock for Sagar. He from anywhere founds out that this idea was given by RJ Antara. He started to plan about how he can take revenge for her.

Antara is totally unaware of this. Aditya comes into the picture as a normal guy who is a friend of Antara. He is a complete genius and a well-settled businessman. He likes Antara and wants to marry her. Briefing about Sagar, he is totally a weirdo and a power packed entertainer. He thinks himself of a genius and Kitli-ni-Cha lover (Love for tea). He finds a way to meet Antara and works on his so-called plan.

  • What was the advice did RJ Antara gave that ruined Sagar’s life?
  • Does even she aware of the love of Aaditya for herself?
  • What would she do when she finds out about the plan of Sagar?
  • To whom will she marry Sagar or Aditya?
  • Check out all the answers to these questions by watching the movie.




Best Popular Film LOVE NI BHAVAI
Best Actress Aarohi Patel
Best Music Sachin- Jigar

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