Kookh (2016)

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It’s a story about Rudi, a woman who opts for surrogacy, to satisfy her primary need being money/ financial stability and to secure a safe future for her child Mithi. Her husband Kalu is a ‘casanova’ who cannot fend enough for their living. Careless and irresponsible by nature, he wiles away time in gambling, flirting, doing nothing at all. A foreign couple, Patrick and Maria, come to India, a town in Gujarat, Anand, whereby there’s a clinic that specializes in artificial insemination treatment, giving hope and opportunity to childless couples through women opting for surrogacy. It’s a two way arrangement where the couple gets a child and the woman gets thick amount of money. Rudi gets to know through a source about this option that can give new rays of hope to her child’s future and secure a financial stability for her family. The events that ensue, sees Rudi in the hospital, while Kalu gets closer to Maria, a frivolous romance thrives at his end. The climax sees a whirlpool of …

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