Kem Chho? (2020)

Drama | 142 min

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Mayur Mehta is a married middle-class family man, and that’s his biggest problem. Balancing and juggling various situations and trying to fill every one expectations from family, friends, and society.

This movie has come up with the tagline which says “Biopic of all married man” which any Indian middle-class family member can relate!

Mayur is search for the right solutions in various ways and his all solutions fall in comedy and drama. Watch KEM CHHO? in cinemas to find out what solution is worked for him, and see any solutions that may apply to your life.

It gives us the message that Life is for celebrating each moment rather than complaining. Now, If you want to watch this movie then it is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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Kem Chho? | Official Trailer | Tushar Sadhu & Kinjal Rajpriya | Vipul Sharma | Gujarati Film


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