Karsandas Pay and Use (2017)

Romance | 136 min

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The plot of this movie is extremely unique and real. The whole team has brought up the conceptualization of Pay and use Washroom culture in a very subtle yet remarkable way. The main lead Tilok and Jaya are our First sight lovebirds. Tilok runs a Pay and Use toilet in the suburban area of the city consisting of lower-middle-class families. People don’t generally show gratitude towards them because of their work.

One day Jaya and Tilok look at each other and seems to be falling for each other. Sundar is assistant of Tilok and helps him out for his toilet. Jaya has a kind of large family with a very strict Indian father Chinubha, mother Amba and six siblings out of which Jaya is the eldest one.

When Jaya’s father got the rumor about Tilok and her daughter’s affair, He put his efforts from head to toe to get them apart. Each and everyone around considers his work to be of dirt and loo.

The question arises that how the father of Jaya gets rid of Tilok?

  • Whether Tilok and Jaya’s Lovestory will have a happy end?
  • If yes, What will Tilok do to impress her father and marry Jaya?
  • This movie hits the mentality of the society about the cleaning sweeper community and their role for our clean environment.

The storytelling is great and each and every person of the cast plays their role very effortlessly.

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