Hellaro (2019)

Drama | 121 min

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This movie presents us with various issues that are still somewhere in our society such as Gender inequality, Blind-faith, disrespectful nature towards women, Marital rape, casteism, superstition, Schismatize of widow women and so on. This movie shows the real culture of Kutch, Gujarat. This story has stunned star cast and from them, the role of Young woman Manjari played by Shradhha Dangar. In this story Manjari is warned to cut her wings of all the desires and destroy all of her dreams by her husband, this role has been played by Aarjav Trivedi. He has a belief that all the women of the deserted village of Samarpura, are only meant to be lived in the house.

Garba is the traditional and popular dance form of Gujarat. The festival called Navratri lasts for nine nights and in the night Garba is performed to worship by the nine forms of goddess Durga. This Garba has been played by both men and women. But all men of Samarpura have beliefs that Garba can only be performed by men to please the goddess Durga and the rain would be bringing back! They assume that if women will Play the Garba then it brings bad luck rather than rain!

In the movie, Everyman performs the Garba with the swords and women stay indoors. They are only allowed to leave the home at Morning time, that too just to bring water from nearer lake or pond.

One day all the women are on the way to bring water and they find one Unknown man lying in the sand due to weakness. Then Manjari gave him water and save his life. After this, he gave his introduction as Mulji. This role has been played by Jayesh More. Mulji is born in a low cast family as a drummer or dholak or Dholi. Manjari found the dhol with Mulji and as her desire was to play Garba so he requested him to play the drum. Later, all the women start playing Garba on the beat of the dhol. This has become a routine now. Daily women meet the Mulji and perform the Garba in the land of the desert with some distance from the village so nobody can see them.

One day this all the things came out and their secret is no more secret now. What happened next, to find this you should definitely watch this movie.

Hellaro grossed over ₹2 crores in the first week of its release. As of November 2019, the film has grossed over ₹9 crores on the box office. Overall Box Office collection of this movie is 16 Crore in INR.

If you are looking for downloading Hellaro Gujarati movie then you are not at the right place. We request you to watch movies in the theatre to support young talents and the industry. The movie might available to watch online after six or eight months on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Shemaroo Gujarati’s youtube channel. Go and get your tickets now or you will regret later.

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