Gujjubhai the Great (2015)

Comedy | 145 min

Movie Story

Hasmukh Gandhi has a simple philosophy of enjoying and let enjoy. He lives a simple and tragic free life. But this peace is until his daughter arrives with a so-called boyfriend Pappu. She believes him to be a very nice guy. Each and every one in the family is attracted towards him nut Hasmukhbhai finds him very sharp and trickster. He feels that his daughter has been tricked by him.

To save her life, he decides to make her daughter to marry his trustworthy manager Mr. Bakul Buch. Bakul is a guy next door. He is a very simple gujju guy. He had a soft corner for Tanisha since long, but couldn’t speak up to her. Hasmukhbhai plan actions to make him a super cool boy by executing various heroic plans. But all is in vain because the cops think of them to be terrorists. Also, Montu is there to ruin all their plans.

  • Will Bakul get Tanisha?
  • Will Hasmukh Bhai be able to save his daughter from Montu?
  • Will both Hasmukh Bhai and Bakul be saved from cops?

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