Family Circus (2018)

Comedy | 140 min

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This is a story of Best two friends named Ronak (Raunaq Kamdar – Very Talented, charming and Good Looking Lead Actor of FC) and JJ (Mitra Gadhvi – Hardworking, Well known and Successive Theatre Artist); Story runs ahead; with very middle class atmosphere and lifestyle; with comparison of Cherishing and rich lifestyle. They both compare in dreams, discussion. Gradually JJ found an idea to become a rich, and story changed and rename with the circus. They took financial help from DON ALTAF ANNA (Smit Pandya-Very well-known prefix with RJ, and Multi-talented Actor of Gujarati industry.) The gang of ANNA rooming after our heroes, and they took more help from ANNA to impress a girl name RIYA (M Monal Gajjar-Gorgeous Actress-Lead actress)

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