Duniyadari the Film (2017)

Drama | 142 min

Movie Story

The movie revolves around Dharmesh Patel, Meet Mehta, Kavita Jhaveri, and Amita Kala.

The film plot has a feel of the retro era. All these four are part of the same college. Dharmesh is the stud boy who wants everyone to revolve around him and has a control over a group of people. Meet Mehta is a simple and studious boy. He wants his life to move with ease. But that’s the turning point where ‘villain’ of the movie Dharmesh doesn’t want him to have peace.

The girls are playing an important role in the movie. Esha Kansara plays the role of Kavita Zaveri, a rich, elegant, beautiful and a girl with her own persona. Amita Kala is the girl for whom Dharmesh falls for. He finds the easy target meet to impress Amita or ‘Ami’ for accepting his proposal. Actually, he was falling for Kavita and wants meet to get away of his way. And meet gets into his Web, Kavita also falling for meet finds him and Amita having an affair.

All such confusion goes on and the story has a series its twist and turns. Find out who is with whom by watching this extreme movie with a roller coaster of emotions and full of drama.

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