Dhunki (2019)

Drama | 135 Min

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In the past some years, Gujarati cinema is continuously giving incredible movies with the new concept, showing the natural talent of actors. In a series of those movies, one more movie Dhunki is added. This movie has come up with a new concept. Those who are bored with their regular 9 to 5 jobs and want some fresh start, then this movie is for them.

Beautiful Gujarati movie Dhunki is now representing a fresh pair Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi. Also, its supporting cast Vishal shah and Kaushambi Bhatt are fabulous. Here, Pratik Gandhi is in the role of Nikunj- a well-settled employee. Nikunj gets bored of his 9 to 5 dull job, so he quits it. Cooking is Nikunj’s passion, so he came up with a startup idea. The movie is about his fresh start and his struggles.

Though its concept is best, this movie hasn’t left that much impact on the audience. This movie is plodding, and punches and benchmark dialogues are missing.  The film is about Nikunj’s cooking passion, but we see no dish in the whole film. Jigardan Gadhvi has given a beautiful song ‘Nazam Navi’. The title track is catchy. Performances of all the actors are fabulous. Their acting is so natural.

Overall, Dhunki is a movie with a good concept but weak cinematography. No doubt, its songs are so good. Its weak point is its dead end or better say open end. But, it is a must-watch movie for fans of Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi.

The Movie story and the performance of all the stars were amazing and also received positive reviews from the audiences. If you want to watch the Dhunki movie online or want to download it then you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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Dhunki - Official Trailer | Pratik Gandhi, Deeksha Joshi | Anish Shah | 26th July 2019


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