Dhantya Open (2017)

Crime, Thriller | 90

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The plot is basically on the struggles and twirls the family of a con faces. Legendary actor Mr. Kiran Kumar here plays the title role of Dhantya. His one of the main people in his business’ role is performed by Revanta Sarabhai named as Suraj. Dhantya is a famous and rich Gambler. He gambles on the stock market and cricket betting. His rival’s role is played by Gujarati Film Industry’s Legend Mr. Naresh Kanodia. He plays the role of a Muslim Don. The Film is a mixture of romance, rivalry, action and so on. Suraj is head of a college association and accidentally meets Wafa, our female protagonist character played by Jinal Belani. She knows that their love story can’t work out because of their family background. After avoiding Suraj for a lot of times, she finally fell in love with him. And now the drama starts.

What will be the end of their love story? Will they able to catch up with each other for their life?

What is the angle brought up in the role of Naresh Kanodia Sir?

The film got amazing reviews for acting of Kiran Kumar and the debutant Revanta Sarabhai. We are not the one to judge Mr. Kanodia as he is superbly best in his field.

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Crime, Thriller

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