Dhaakad (2018)

Drama |

Movie Info

  • Director: Dashrath Mali
  • Release Date: 02 Feb, 2018
  • Country: India
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Gujarati

Movie Story

Dhaakad is a new Gujarati Movie and it is about a girl’s importance in a Gujarati Family. Dhaakad is a story about a young single girl who lives her life to the fullest and is willing to stand up against her Family for the Truth. Dhaakad is a very emotional Gujarati family movie. Dhaakad’s story will inspire the youth, especially young girls and encourage a family to always stand by what is right. Dhaakad intends to impart a moving social message to the Gujarati community. But Dhaakad is not only all about social responsibility, it is the perfect entertainment mixture of love, fun, companionship, drama, and emotions. Dhaakad showcases all the essence of a family in Gujarat and how they survive together through the thick and the thin with some fun, some drama, some emotion and lots of entertainment.

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