Desh Re Joya Dada Pardesh Joya (1998)

Drama | 167 min

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This story revolves around a girl named Radha who is in love with Ram. They were in love since childhood. Due to some reasons, Ram has to relocate to another village. They are reunited when Ram attends the marriage of Radha’s sister. since they were in love, they decide to marry. But one of her family members didn’t want Radha to marry ram. On the way to the wedding, Radha got to know that Ram has met with an accident and he is dead.

She was heartbroken. Some days later, her family decides to marry Radha to another person, and Radha couldn’t deny it. However, it turns out that Ram was not actually killed, but he was kidnapped, and he was able to get back to Radha’s place. Where he got to know that Radha is already married to Deepak, and they live in America.

Ram learned the truth behind all this and exposed that person in front of the whole family. On the other hand, Radha was in America, and she was not happy with different cultures and some of the bad habits of his husband, Deepak. One friend of Deepak misbehaves with Radha, and In the fight, Deepak dies as he fell off from the first floor. She decided to go to India, but there were a lot of troubles that came for Radha. Somehow Ram saves her from all of the trouble.

This storyline was so popular, and the whole movie was loved by the audience. This movie has earned ₹22 crores at the box office.

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