Desh Book (2014)

Drama | 137 min

Movie Story

Manav Patel (Tushar Sadhu), a careless guy wants to go to UK to earn pounds. His greedy father Upen Patel(Archan Trived) has planned everything with anagent KD(Mayur vakani). Manav hates India, its system and that’s why he plans to leave India. But one day the agent KD got raid by police and he left Ahmedbad with manav Patel’s 40 lakhs rupees. Now Manav have to stay in India,his family becomes frustrated after this incident. And very second day night he watches his friend’s play ‘Deshbook’,which is based on Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s ideologies. It makes a big impression on Manav, and Sardar Patel(kalpesh patel) meets Manav and film takes a twist. During this period Sardar Patel, appears and offers help and advice to Manav Patel. Sardar encourages Manav to fight against the system of India. Sardar asks Manav that it is easy to blame the system, but hard to change it. Sardar provokes all the youngsters to join the system and change India.

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