Chor Bani Thangaat Kare (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Family | 128 min

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The Story of a Movie Revolves around a Theif Robin. He has a Habit of Stealing Since his Birth. He is Thrown out of his House by his Father because of stealing lord’s Idol While having  Ghar Pooja. Then He Moves to Ahmedabad City with his Friend Lenti. Aftersome time he Founds he has Psychological Disorder of stealing things. While finding the medicine cure for this disorder he meets Khushboo and falls in Love with her.

  • Will He Continues to Still?
  • Will he be out of the disorder at the end?
  • Will Khusbu Falls in love with this Theif or not?

Check out all the answers to the questions by watching the Movie.

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