Cheel Zadap (2019)

Comedy, Thriller | 118 Min

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This movie is based on robberies. Dharmesh Mehta is in the role of a funny police officer. While Soniya Shah is a professional robber.

The storyline of the movie is Richa works in a bank as bank Manager who is a very cool and bold girl and also lives life on her own. Gopi Jaiswal is a don in the world of Underworld, In Mumbai. So he wants Money from the bank of Richa.

Fortunately, they meet each other and made the plan to rob the bank. After the robbery, the responsibility of this case has been handled by the ACP Gohil. Now what happened next and what the twist and turns are coming in the movie, that you have to see in the movie!

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cheel zadap Official trailer sushant singh jimit trivedi darshan jariwala Releasing on 6th sept 2019

Comedy, Thriller

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