Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye (2017)

Drama | 123 min

Movie Story

The movie is shot in just one room with more or less 10-12 family members who have just came faced a big financial loss because of bad business decisions by the male members of the family. Consequently, They are left with two ways to deal with the crisis – Declare bankruptcy or return the money to the investors. Both have their pros and cons. The movie entails the debate between the father and two sons who have opposite approaches to deal with the crisis. On one end, the Father, owner of a well-renowned industry with decades of Brand value and experience, and on the other end, his son, who is just-an-MBA and no experience, debate, to convince each other that the other person is wrong. The father presses that his plan is more practical whereas the son argues that his plan and decision is not just impractical, but also is emotional and lacking foresight. In the course of debate the son and his cousin brother bring points about the father’s psychology behind his decision i.e. his ego and…

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