Carry on Kesar (2017)

Comedy, Drama, Family | 123 min

Movie Story

The film is written brilliantly with a perfect pinch of comedy and emotions. The Story is about Annie is a fashion designer in a Paris based fashion brand. The Film opens with Annie convincing her boss and colleagues to introduce BandhaniPatolu and other traditional Gujarati textile art in their brand. After having successfully convinced her boss, she comes to India to learn the art from Kesar Patel who was once an award- winning designer, had shut down her factory 20 years ago due to an incident. Shyamji Patel and Annie wish to restart the factory which is closed since last 20 years. While all this, Annie realizes that Kesar had a desire to have a child and she still does, she along with Shyamji convince Kesar to have a child with IVF technique.

  • Will Kesar and Shyamji have a child?
  • Will Annie succeed to restart Kesar’s factory?

All of the above questions and many more will be resolved when you will go and watch  Movie Carry On Kesar.

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