Bey Yaar (2014)

Comedy, Drama, Family | 150 min

Movie Story

The story of Bey Yaar is about two aspiring youngsters with big dreams in their eyes. To what lengths do they go in realizing their dreams, what price they pay for doing so. Performances by every single actor in the movie is marvelous. Pratik Gandhi and Divyang Thakkar have played lead roles brilliantly. Tino and Chako’s (Pratik Gandhi and Divyang Thakkar) bond in the movie is so strong that they will surely be known as Jay-Veeru of Gujarati cinema. Darshan Jariwala as a middle- class man and father of Divyang is portrayed brilliantly. Talking from background score to songs of the film, music of Bey Yaar composed by Sachin- Jigar is simply superb.

  • At last, they Achieve their dreams?
  • What price do they pay for doing so?

Check out all the answers to the questions by watching the Movie.


ACHIEVEMENTS (Transmedia Gujarati Screen & Stage Awards)

Best Film Bey Yaar
Best Director Abhishek Jain
Best Scriptwriter (Story, Screenplay & Dialogue) Bhavesh Mandalia, Niren H Bhatt
Best Actor (male) Divyang Thakkar
Best Actor (female) Samwedna Suwalka
Best Supporting Actor (male) Darshan Jariwala
Best Supporting Actor (male) Kavin Dave
Best Supporting Actor (female) Arati Patel
Best Actor in a negative role Manoj Joshi
Best Cinematographer Pushkar Singh
Best Editor Satchit Puranik, Nirav Panchal
Best Music Sachin-Jigar
Best Singer (male) Darshan Raval
Best Lyrics Niren H Bhatt

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Comedy, Drama, Family

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