Bau Na Vichaar (2019)

Comedy, Drama, Family | 151 min

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This latest Gujarati movie has the youngest cast of all time. After a break of 2 months in Gujarati cinema “Bau Na Vichaar” got released, so it is an ice-breaker movie. The very popular actor Bhavya Gandhi played the leading role as Varun, the boy with millions of dreams and billions of ideas. Janki is looking fabulous as always. Ragi Jani has performed so well and hasn’t lost his grip of the character throughout the movie.

We all have gone through the phase in college where we need to decide whether to start a business or join a job. Just like that, Bhavya also enters this phase and decides to go for a startup. The story revolves around his struggles. The one who is willing to start his own business should watch this movie. Also, we have experienced a new multitasking personality, Hrutul Patel. Actually, he is the director of this movie. But also he has written many dialogues and songs of this movie too.

Talking about the story, its a family drama and also we can say friends drama. Two brothers  Bhavya and Devarshi got separated due to the divorce of their parents. This creates family drama. Group of friends decides to set up their own business.

They participate in a reality show called StartUp. Even after rejection,  how they enter the reality show and the problems they face during the show is shown brilliantly. They try to win it and take entrepreneurship at another stage. They do everything without family support. They try to prove themselves. Meanwhile, misunderstandings and some wrong decisions create issues between friends. Overcoming all this, the way they achieve success motivates everyone. It is wonderful to see how the old generation understands the new generation.

With a good storyline, this movie has awesome and soothing music. Lyricist and musicians are so good, that it gives heart touching feel. The title song “Bau Na Vichaar” is based on seven characters of this film. And sevens gems of our music industry gave their voice to it. But one noticeable thing is they have added Hindi songs in a Gujarati movie.

Talking about dialogues, they carry philosophical content. Its dialogues are so connecting. Also, Bahvya and Janki bring back the romance.

The only flaw is the movie’s length. It’s really slow and long, though Navjot Sinh Chauhan has brightened the second half. They could have made the movie fast or shorten through good editing.

Overall it is a masala entertainment film proposing a new thought to today’s generation. Its tagline “True events will be based on this film” raises the excitement of the audience.  Simply, ‘Bau Na Vichar…!’ and do watch the movie.

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