Usha Solanki



Usha Solanki, a buxom beauty, belonged to a family of renowned artistes. Daughter of the famed stage-heroine, Saraswati Bai and a composer father, she grew up in an atmosphere conductive to art. Having started her lessons in dancing at an early age, she acquired proficiency in Kathak over the years.Usha grew up with the idea of acting in films. Why, when she was still in her early teens she requested producer-director K. Amarnath to give her a role in a film. What she received was paternal advice from the late film-maker and a gentle pat on her back. “Go back to school,” the film-maker told the young girl. She agreed. But at the first opportunity she gave up her studies to act in plays and then films. Notable films to her credit include Balak aur Janwar (1975), Bhula Bhatka (1975) and Premika (1980). Premika was her debut film, but the film remained in making for over 6 years and finally got released in 1980.