Trilok Kapoor



Born in Peshawar, Trilok Kapoor did his initial studies in Peshawar. Trilok came to Calcutta in 1928 and later shifted to Mumbai and joined his brother Prithviraj. In Mumbai, he got his debut movie Char Darvesh in 1933. His second movie was Seeta in which he played the role of Luv and then he acted in social movies like Wamaq Arza, Secretary, Pagal, Anath Ashram, Vishwas etc. For some time, Trilok joined director Hem Chandra as an assistant. In 1947, he starred as Mirza in Mirza Sahiban opposite Noor Jahan which was one of the top grossing films of the year. The 1940s-50s were the time when mythological movies dominated the Bollywood. He was famous for playing the character of Lord Shiva with Nirupa Roy playing Parvati. Some worth mentioning movies were Shiv Shakti, Shiv Kanya, Jai Mahadev, Ganesh Janma, Ganesh Mahima and Har-Har Mahadev. He also acted in famous mythological films like Chakradhari, Waman Avatar among others. The markets were flooded with the calendars and posters of Trilok-Nirupa as Shiva-Parvati. Later in the 70’s, he switched to character roles in films like Kacche Dhaage, Chor Chor, Nehle Pe Dehla, Darwaza, Saboot etc.