Siddharth Randeria


Personal Info

  • Born 17 December 1955
  • Born place Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Parents Madhukar Randeria
  • Children Ishaan Randeria
  • Wife Shefali Randeria
  • Profession Actor, Director, Writer


Siddharth Randeriya is a complete versatile actor of Gujarati film industry. He has worked in thousands of plays, amongst which major one has crossed about 500-700 stage plays. He has also completed a foreign tour comprising of the “GUJJU” bhai series plays. He is one of the most successful Gujarati actors who has a mastery over both theatre and screenplay. His son Ishaan Randeria also is an actor and worked for gujarati cinema.His wife name is Shefali Randeria. He has one daughter named Aayesha Randeria.

He made his debut on screen with the film Gujjubhai The Great (2015). This movie braked records for the collections. He has also worked in Bollywood movies like Khalnayak, and so on.


GujjuBhai Series Plays/Natak

Those who don’t know the name of Siddharth Randeriya knows him well by his onscreen or on stage name Gujjubhai. Gujjubhai itself is a brand name of his theatre productions. He has also worked in the movies with the same name Gujjubhai. Even Gujaratis have a proud for the word called Gujju. In the Sangeet Ceremony of the recent Grand Marriage of one of the richest man of India’s daughter Ms. Isha Ambani, they danced with the huge alphabetic props depicting word “GUJJU” as they belong to a Gujarati Family.


The Gujjubhai Series of plays are listed below:

Gujjubhai E Gaam Gajavyu (2003)
Lage Raho Gujjubhai (2007)
Lo Gujjubhai Ghode Chadya (2010)
Gujjubhai ni Golmaal (2012)
Gujjubhai Banya Dabangg (2015)
Rang Rangila Gujjubhai (2017)


Other Plays/Natak

Play Name Summary
Aa Sansar Che Rang Rangilo


Ajab Karamat


Mr. Pramod is a very clever and intelligent person. He has confidence which shows up to overconfidence. He believes that he can control the lives of all the people who are around him. But every clever person is not so clever in front of destiny. Destiny plays an important role in trapping a person in his own trap. Various twists and turns make this play a very interesting one to watch.  
Amari Duniya Tamari Duniya,


The play revolves around the children and parents. The generation gap seems to be the root of the discussions. Acclaimed actor Anant ray (Siddharth Randeriya) distributes his entire wealth amongst his children. Children, after obtaining wealth, treat their parents as a burden. Parents being self-respected and having own dignity leaves home and tries to find a new path in life. This is a complete emotional drama that leaves your eyes moist.
Amme Lai Gaya Tamme Rahi Gaya


Bas Kar Bakula


Widower Professor Parimal Pujara remarries his student, Sweety. On his first night, he sees his late father-in-law in a dream and he discloses that there’s a hidden treasure in their bungalow of Khandala. He went with his wife sweety for their honeymoon. He there calls a person who can bring the dead ones to help out others. That evil caller’s call for Pujara’s father-in-law misfires into calling his de3ad wife Bakula. This results in crazy acts later.
Best of Luck


Tu j Mari Mausam


Shrimaan Virudh Shrimati


Sacha Bola Joothalal


Mona gets married to Professor Arvind (Siddharth Randeriya) against his father’s will. His father is married to a London based woman. While her mother visits to see their standard of living, they act to be very rich and posh. The trouble occurs when Mona finds her husband being cozy with one of his students. The laughter generates when this happens.
Saatmi Dikri nu Saatmu Santan


Rang Che Rajja


Amar Desai is a simple guy. His simplicity gives the people the chance to find him idiotic and make fun of him. His life faces a tragic truth that he has a blood cancer. His life gets completely ruined after this diagnosis. He being an adventurous person decides that he will not end his life sleeping on a bed, but will help people. His try to help people makes him fall in various faces, also CBI goes in to search for him. His life story transformed from a common man to superman.
Ramat Shooniya Chaukadini


Prem No Public Issue


A man who is seventy-five year old named Vasudev (Siddarth) is an ayurvedic expert. He is living with his second wife Daya. He firmly believes that his first wife mangu would get back into his life. He studies on a formula to make himself his younger. This formula gets successful and gets a major publicity. All the public wants to get their youth back which results into a big chaos.  
Pati Naame Patangiyu


An actress Priya moves into a new house with his husband. Her neighbor Jagdish (Siddharth) gets mesmerized by her beauty and wishes to spend a day with her. With God’s grace, his wish gets fulfilled. He gets 24 hours to spend with her. But he caught Priya’s husband with his wife. This results in to burst of laughter and jealousy.
Parnela Chaiye Kone Kahiye


Mission East Pakistan
Mantra Mugdh




One rich Raiji family is facing a financial crisis. Though the sheth Pratap Rai is not ready to quit his posh and lavish life. He is completely under a huge amount of debt. He finds a way to get put it. He decides to marry her daughter with the son of the money lender. The son of a moneylender wants to marry a girl named Kusum. After lots of efforts, he fails to make her married daughter with that boy. The resulting act is a complete drama to watch.
Janma Daata


Jaadu Teri Nazar




Shrikant’s life is completely disturbed and comprises of disputes. His life faced an unwanted situation that has dragged his life to a big dilemma. At this point in his life, he needs a sailor who can sail the ship of his life safely and peacefully. He meets his guru Brahmanand Shastri (Siddharth Randeriya). He helps him out to find a ray of hope and get his life on track.
Ek Soneri Sawar


Mr. Gandhi is a person with principles in his life. He is chairman of a pharmaceutical company. He has one daughter. She also helps her father to work on. With all these work, she falls in love with one of the employees of the company named Kishore. Kishore is a drug analyst and decides the drugs needed in the medicines. He overdoses a drug in a medicine. This medicine led to the death of an 11-year-old child. Her mother is a widow and proceeds for a legal action against this company. When Mr. Gandhi gets to know about this, he is totally in dilemma about punishing and making legal action about Kishore or to save his daughter’s love of life.

How he will manage to fulfill his principles and his relations?     

Carry On Lalu


Vaat Bahaar Jay Nahi


After completion of 50 years of marital life, Pranjivandas (Siddharth Randeriya) discloses all his wrong deeds to his wife. These truths bring out a burst if laughter and joy. This creates scenes of total sarcasm. In return, his wife also tells out the wrong deeds by her till now. This is the breaking the ice moment. All you feel during the play are tears of laughter.




Trailers & Videos


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