Samvedna Suwalka

Samvedna Suwalka

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  • Born Unknown
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  • Education Doctor


Samvedna Suwalka is a well-known name in Gujarati Film Industry. This actress is popularly known for her Gujarati film Bey Yaar.  She is a phenomenal actress with a highly energetic face. She is a combination of theatre, glamour and also an actress who pulls of each character very well. She worked in dozens of short films which have worked out amazingly. Her short films are of different genres and different concepts. She is a complete all-rounder u can say! Samvedna is a trained classical dancer and has studied medicine. After studying acting for two years from Robert Reece, Samvedna has been actively doing theatre, films & ads and is a known face in Gujarati regional cinema.


2014 Bey Yaar Jigisha
2018 Natsamrat


Other Movies


2016 My Sister’s Birthday (Short Film)





Mother Title worth’s about a birthday that is a kid gets to know about her sister’s birthday and is extremely happy that she is arriving there as she lives in another city.
2017 Union Leader Rita After resigning to a company, Jay realizes that he should not only work to give his family a standard but
2016 Rebellious Flower Biography, Drama Rajni The life preacher or Guru named Osho is a very famous personality. How his preaching save Rajneesh’s life? Go through the spiritual journey of Rajneesh.
2013 Happy Family Pvt. Ltd Comedy Anaya Mehta The title of the movie itself justifies the standards of a family. This family is rich and living the happiest time of their life.
2017 The Transient Interval (Short) Drama Uma It is a short film about a family living in a house. There is something mysterious about the home. How this affects the life of inhabitants is shown in the movie.
2018 On The Blue Canvas Mystery Lolita It’s a story of a Painter who is pissed off with his thoughts. Sometimes he is subconscious and other than over thinking it. This thinking creates a chain of thoughts that leads him reaching the layers of mind and traces the problem that has been there since long.
2013 Endever-After (Short Film) Romance, Thriller, Drama Suzanne Williams A story of a girl who feels imprisoned by her stepmother She thinks of she isn’t allowed for certain things and so on. While using social media, he meets a guy who let her know the real impression of imprisonment. This story describes how a single event can change entire life.
2013 Samapti: Love in Ashes (Short Film) Family Drama Seema Rathore India has a ritual to return the ashes of a body that has died in to a spiritual place. Casey, after Rohan’s death, returns to India from the Canada. In her journey towards dissolving ashes, she gets to know about his past. She finds it destructing and the path form ashes leads to betrayal, responsibility and acceptance
2013 Bull BulBul Bandook Action, Romance, Western Sugandh
2013 Kadambani (Short Film) Drama Kadambani
2013 Amidst Dark (Short Film) Family Drama, Crime, Horror Mother A girl who wants to visit the house which they left a long time ago. Her desire is to make her mother revisit the past house.
2012 Comrade/ Julum Drama A Pregnant Mother The forces that are led on a woman in Indian culture are specifically shown in this film. A Pregnant Mother is tortured by a cop here.
2012 Where do I pee? (Short Film) Comedy Soon to be mommy A happy relation between a husband and wife is shown here. How the husband has to take care of his wife when she is going to be mom soon. The struggle is that the better-half wants to pee and they are not finding a washroom. It is a light hearted comedy film
2012 Bhraman (Short Film) Adventure
2018 Phamous Comedy, Crime, drama, romance `This movie will touch your hearts and mind at the same time. The duo of two dons who decides to take revenge against a love story. How all of the love, compassion and hatred will com put together?


Did You Know?

  • She has worked in many advertisements and did guest appearances in TV serials.
  • Her latest ad was for AMARA Homes.
  • She always supports women freedom and respect issues. Based on this thought she did an AD with #TheHindu.
  • She is currently working for web series with Pratik Gandhi.
  • The movie On The Blue Canvas was shortlisted for viewing to IFFI GOA- Film bazaar’ 18.


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