Ratan Aulakh



Born in a Sikh family in Amritsar, Punjab- Ratan Aulakh works as an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. He grew up with an interest in education and sports. He graduated with a B.A degree as a top university boxer with good exposure in films and plays- some of his writings as a student were published in magazines. His breakthrough performance in Punjabi film industry came through the character ‘Mickey’ in the super-hit film Mamla Garbar Hai, making him a household name in Punjab. He continued his sports career becoming India’s top wrestling promoter and referee- Training and Promoting Indian Pehelwans across the country and taking them abroad. Since then, over a course of 40 years he has appeared in numerous hit Hindi and Punjabi films with over 1000 episodes in TV serials with top banners such as BR, Cinevista. Etc. His personal project ‘Mitter pyare nu haal mureedaan da kehna’ was praised by critics, and it continues to inspire dialogs and scenes in Punjabi films today. Along with the legendary Shri Dara Singh, he has worked extensively to promote Indian sportsmen and handled the construction of Dara Studios in Punjab. As an Industry veteran, his motto is ‘To create cinema the whole family can enjoy together’ and his talks on social activism, character development and women empowerment are very frequent on the radio. For his work, he has been awarded twice for Contribution to Punjabi cinema and is regularly invited to various events. He has also found great success as an executive producer and celebrity events promoter.