Raj Vazir

Raj Vazir


Raj Vazir is an actor, known for Vitamin She (2017) and Mission Mummy (2016). Raj Vazir is a Popular Indian Theatre and Movie Actor. He is Well Known Actor. He Started his Carrier With The Movie Mission Mummy. He also Appeared in Gujarati Play Ardhsatya. In 2016 He Seen In Romantic- Comedy drama Vitamin She. He is a Versatile Actor. He has Worked in Various Blockbuster Gujarati Films. He Pursues Various role plays with different play genres and with different kind of Characters.


2016 Vitamin She Jigar’s Brother
2017 Mission Mummy Shrikant(Papa)




Writer: Sneha Desai

Director: Kamlesh Mota

Cast: Amee Trivedi, Sameer Khakkar, Raj Vazir, Rajesh Solanki, Umesh Jangam, Sharvi Mota, Omkar, Prameet


The Whole play revolves around a mystery about case M.M.R.28.There is a Small Nuclear Family they belong to Middle class and they are Process of Adapting to the Hectic Lifestyle in their  New Neighborhood. One day their 16 year- old grand Daughter named Hetal Solanki hasn’t returned from her college, and instantly their life turns Upside down. Their Daughter in law Kusum takes help of her neighbor to go and register a complaint at the Police Station. The Case is registered in the missing Minors(M.M.R).AS 6 Months Passed the Police fail to track the girl. After a Period of Six Months, the police Inspector Founds a Girl and brings her home. But Kusum Refuses to accept her as Daughter.

Why Won’t Kusum Accept her back?

Is the Girl Actually the Hetal Solanki or not?

All of the above questions and many more will be resolved when you will go and watch the play Ardhsatya.