Priiya Nair


Personal Info

  • Occupation Actress, Model, Producer
  • BirthDate 8 August
  • Marital Status Single
  • Current City Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Priiya Nair hails from a family of successful entrepreneurs. Her working as a model since childhood led to her growing interest in the entertainment industry. She has featured in a lot of advertisements, as well as played the lead in various regional films.

Along with having the passion of displaying her talents on screen, she also forayed into the world of Direction, assisting some very talented Directors. Later in the year 2015 she became the principle driving forces and co-founder of the production house “Aurous Avatar Entertainment” along with MR. Rohit Shetty taking it a notch higher by embracing the role of the Producer.

She handles the strategy and innovation part of film making, striking the right cord with creativity and profitability. Her understanding of the entertainment industry and her business genes proved to be a winning combination with 6 films made in just 3 years and 2 other films going on floor in the year 2018. She has worked in Tamburo Movie as an actress.

She has produced many films such as,

Year Movie
2015 What About Savarkar?
2016 Ghantaa
2017 Hare Krishna! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami Who Started It
2017 Tamburo
2019 Ashwamedham


Trailers & Videos


Tamburo trailer